12 Jun

So, planning a wedding…

I think it’s going to be hard, and stressful, but most definitely worth it.

I know it’s going to cost a lot of money, even though we don’t want it to, it’s only going to happen once, and why not do it the way you want to for that one day?

There’s a few things I’m worried about:

1) where people are going to sit; I know that it shouldn’t really matter, because it’s our day, but I know it’s going to stress me out. I don’t want to worry about a thing, and I don’t want people to argue, or bicker, or anything to ruin it!

2) we’re only 22/23 – we’re still young, but surely if it’s right, now is as good a time than any – right?

3) my Mother… this worries me the most. I want my Mum and Dad to be sitting by me, but what will my Mother think; she makes me feel so guilty, that even though I shouldn’t worry, again, I will – a lot. I want her to be there, because at the end of the day, we’ve been through a lot (most of it bad, but hey); on the other hand, it would be so much easier for her not to be there (I’m a horrible person…)

Well we’ve bought a wedding planner book, so we’re getting a little bit closer – hopefully it will be in 2012! I will update as we go along…



11 Jun

/.cupcakes ❤

i’m a little bit obsessed with cupcakes, as my fiancé (http://8hoursaday.wordpress.com/) will tell you! i think i have an eye for cupcakes; everywhere we go i manage to spot something cupcake related.

also they are so yummy too, and colourful, and pretty.


10 Jun

hello bloggers.

as the title says, this is a story of a girl.

/.in love